Eniwetok Group, LLC (EGL) is a partnership of validated experts who work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop and deliver complete capability solutions in the unconventional and asymmetric mission space.

We identify gaps, define requirements, advance capabilities, and provide full-spectrum solutions to address concerns for US Government, domestic and international clients. Our vetted personnel and innovative techniques deliver cost-effective, efficient results without sacrificing quality.

We bring:

  • Subterranean target defeat solutions in complex environments, to include confined space, low visibility, and/or Immediately Dangerous to Health or Life (IDLH) conditions.
  • Project management capabilities to support personnel, vendors, and manufacturers with development and/or execution of technical and operational processes and training that reduces friction and increases speed of implementation for materiel and non-materiel solutions.
  • Sustainable processes and ideas based on extensive, real-world, end-user experience.